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Our Community Kitchen Menus
Menus change weekly. Check back each Monday for the week's menu!

Steel cut oats and granola
Prepared with love!
Volunteer cooks prepare each meal with fresh ingredients and happy hearts!
Steel Cut Oats and Granola
A favorite for breakfast time, made fresh right in YOUR kitchen!
Fresh and seasonal!
We purchase as many ingredients as possible from local producers! 
​Our Community Kitchen
214 North Third Street
Stillwater, MN 55082
 Danish Breakfast Menu
Tues., April 18 and Thurs. April 20)
Assortment of Cheeses
Pickled herring
Hard-boiled eggs
Tomato basil soup (Vegan)
Steel-cut oats
Yogurt and granola
Fresh fruit 
Coffee, tea and juice
Bring your family and friends!

Delighted to serve four generations around Our Community Kitchen table on this day.